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Life is Funny Sometimes

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Remember those days when you rush, you can't find things and you are frantic to get something done? It usually means we need to slow down and take a breath. If you look too hard or force something or someone, the more you can't find what you want or can't get somebody to do what you ask. It is commonly known as reverse psychology. Like polar opposites where things go the way you didn't expect it to.

From my experience, art and music requires flow. Creativity comes from inspiration and that happens when we are not worried, stressed or overly stimulated in a negative way. Like writing an essay and you have a difficult time starting the first sentence, because you feel you have to write the most perfect beginning of your story. Many inventions came about from accidental finds or when it is least expected. It takes letting go of the negative stimuli. Let it go and breath. Be present.

Relationships are the same way for many. When you force somebody to like you or you force yourself to be somebody you are not, the worse the situations gets. As soon as I pause, take a few breaths, that's when things happened as I want it to. I follow the energy of people and different signs of symbolism. I also follow the connections of time and people. I've been known to reach out to people often when they need me to hear them out or to prompt them in finding their way.

If you connect with me, I believe it is meant to be. I'm here because I have a purpose and I should pay attention to your needs and my needs collaboratively. It is difficult to explain, I just know or sense it when I need to reach out or take action during different situations. If I don't listen or pay attention, my body and mind usually experience unusual or awkward feelings or body pains.

Life is funny, it creates opportunities for people to meet. People either collide or compromise by sharing their beliefs. Differences in opinion, story telling and experiences are part of our life. We are intertwined in this complex world not realizing what types of impact we may create based on decisions and actions made. We have a responsibility to take care of this only Earth. We need to care more and not just passively let time pass.

Life also creates doubts and fears through challenges. After experiencing life and death events, in time I poke fun of these pains that I experienced in the past. It's almost a mockery to find myself still standing after seeing death closely a few times. I always wonder how I am still able to stand today. Our boys are named from archangels, because I believe in them. I have guardian angels protecting me, pulling me back from reaching the end of life. I still have things to do and many more people to support and inspire.

I have fear like everybody else. I laugh at it fear often, because I know that sometimes these fears are not really true and I need to face them. Maybe some of these fears are just exaggerated and I need to understand it better. Running away from my problems is not an option and it isn't either for many people. That tug of war that we make to do or not to do, this happens inside of us often. We think about what others think often, how we should behave, speak or be seen. It's exhausting to try to please people all the time. This is why we need to meditate, do yoga, exercise, read self-help books, be around positive people and live healthier and impactful lives. I look for people and environments that energize me to want to live life.

In most cases, we realize that there are things we can and cannot control. Our reactions, the decisions and actions that we make are the result of our choices. We need to take ownership of our beliefs and learn to test it and criticize it. Life will always challenge us. If we face difficulties, I believe the universe itself thinks that we can handle it. Being present, being able to find gratitude in our daily existence and being empathetic, are actions that we need to continue to strive to do daily. Genuine laughter is such a fun and beautiful way to express joy in this world. People who can make us smile and laugh are a gift to us. Cherish those people who give you the opportunity to love life, to appreciate what who you are and the willingness to do great deeds to help make this world better.

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