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No Tomorrow, Yes Today

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Why do I say this phrase? It is to promote today's promise of valuing life today. It reminds us that life is short and that we should try to live productively and impactful lives daily. Tomorrow hasn't happened yet. Yesterday is already a past event. We can only change the actions today. We no longer can re-do something that is already done. Every minute and hour count.

Life is a constant negotiation of taking chances and opportunities that create good or bad outcomes. There are measurements of intense struggles daily. Do we just live and not plan for tomorrow? Not exactly. Planning short and long term goals are important. Being sensible about our dreams and goals by doing is important. Many of us get caught up with the busy lifestyle while forgetting to plan for future emergencies by procrastinating or not spending at least an hour of our day for quality thinking. The book "The Wealthy Gardener" by John Soforic describes that every hour we spend today and how we spend today forecast your tomorrow. Meaning if we invest impactful time today you will experience growth that works to meet your goal in the future.

Dreams only become intentions and eventual regrets if we don't take the actions necessary to work to build them. Actions speak louder than words. It takes dedication and effort to strive to do the best out of life. Do you have the will power to continue daily if obstacles are in your way? Some give up on their first failure or hardship. Some don't even attempt to try, because they fear the possible failures not realizing they may actually succeed if they take the chance.

Many successful people don't easily give up. They pursue their goals by spending quality time daily and routinely as a habit. They act as if today is the most important moment because this is what matters now. We can only control the current choices made or decisions we decide to be accountable for.

Why today and not tomorrow? Today is about the thoughts contributing to help you acquire what you desire and truly need. Is it of value to think of tomorrow? It is for planning accordingly. Still, the most important day is today. There will always be challenges to be mastered and solved tomorrow. If you are accustomed to knowing that every day will give you the opportunity to grow, then each day becomes a more journey and not just a day to pass.

Value your time and life each day. Be present and realize that time passes by with our without you. It goes on moving forward. Outcomes may change, but tomorrow becomes today to enjoy, respect, cherish and live fully. Make life a fun adventure. You have the power to change it the way you want to. It's your choices that make who you are today and for many years.

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