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The Brave One

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Who do we consider brave? There are many people like that throughout our life who exemplify bravery. Our own parents, who didn't realize how much commitment and sacrifice would be needed to have children and be born in this world. There is no clear instruction in maintaining a family other than knowing how to survive. It is a very busy life full of unplanned emergencies, happy surprises and the constant thought of ensuring the children are healthy, happy and safe.

Babies are very brave too. They come out in this unknown world and learn every second, minute and hour how to be human. They are constantly exploring the world through sight, hearing and feeling. They may not speak clearly in the beginning but they will absorb the lessons through trial and error. As adults, we forget that when we were born, we started with very minimal knowledge. We failed often as a baby, toddler, teenager and more. And somehow but the time we become adults, we feel paralyzed to attempt to grow and learn.

Many of the self-help books will mention various books regarding a growth mindset vs fixed mindset and your willingness to let go of your fear. What holds you back from doing what you love or a curious about? Time may seem limitless or even finite, we all use the same 24 hours and 7 days every year that we are still alive. Being brave to me is willing to take some chances even when you feel a little scared to go. Without failing many times, we don't grow and we don't develop to the person we want to be. Only your mind can motivate you to do what you want. Be brave and step outside of your comfort zone. See the view and look at a new environment. Many successful people that others envy, did the hard work in getting to their destination. They didn't just with it or dream it and just say they should have done something. They took action and became pioneers. They created their destiny with their own hands.

There are times when unrest and disagreements happen. We, after all, are all different in some unique way and yet we share many common beliefs. Many of us share lifestyle beliefs such as keeping your family safe, healthy and happy. We want to make sure they have a roof on top of their heads, that they are living up to their full potential, are independent and can do good for our society. As an individual, we want to feel like we belong, that we are needed, that we are recognized for the great efforts that we put in doing work or accomplishing different things in life. Some of us are forever adventurers or curious minds who always want to learn and build as much as we can. Others may even have the artistic and musical side while others are great teachers and caregivers. Importantly, we have people who help maintain our infrastructure like roads, sanitation, water and power sources, etc. The police and armed forces who are there to protect our communities and more. Our food supply doesn't exist without our farmers and distributors that transports the food to the different local market stores and supplies to fill our homes.

Our society is complex, we underestimate the importance of governance. Yes, we live in a free-market society, but without laws to regulate trade, health, education, land, water and more, there would be chaos around the world. Despite the negative perceptions of politicians, government officials are key individuals who help keep our world safe, organized and fair. They are also brave people who have to present proposals, influence others to support causes that create enablement and make our society better. How many know or feel that public speaking is a big fear among many? It's not easy to speak in front of a large crowd of people in order to explain the policies being discussed or put in place. It's not easy to collect a mass of large data and then interpret these detailed bills to laymen terms. How do you create laws and legislation while incorporating all the individual needs?

Authors of any kind are brave individuals who take blunt criticism from their audience. It isn't easy to write to people who have varied beliefs and are expressive of their own opinions because they have lived through some of the experiences shared with words even if it is fiction. Stories tug at people's hearts and enhance their emotions whether good or bad. Even before paper and language were finally documented in different mediums, storytellers were important historians in the past. History may have been made legend or myths through the word of mouth. Many of the stories are based on fact and modified to make it easier to share through an oratorical presentation, songs, and more as part of the family legacy.

You are a brave person who is navigating this world as best as you can. You learn various lessons of life through trial and error repeatedly. We are not perfect. Try to do what you truly love and are curious about. We need more people who are excited to live and share positivity around the world.

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