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Why am I here? Creating this creative website is part of my journey into motivational speaking, being an impactful influencer, and continuing to pay things forward to many of my kind supporters that consist of a worldwide tribe of family, friends, and fellow changemakers. 

I am practicing what I learn and share with others. I'm inspired by my family and cherish every moment that they teach me important lessons of love, dedication, fun, and gratitude to be alive. I'm embracing my imperfect self and know that I will continue to be a better person by sharing my vulnerabilities and hopefully an example of design thinking through expressions in all mediums. 

Technology is amazing. It continues to evolve in unimaginable ways and pace.  I would love to see more collaborative, collective, and considerate applications of technology through arts, music, neurodiversity, and empathetic leadership from every single person in this world. We each have a voice and the ability to make impactful choices that make this world a better place.

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