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COVID19 Impact

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

It has caused pain, inconvenience and has exposed the many bad and good things in this world. It exposed the deficiencies, the creativity of people, and society. I'm not going to wrap this message in a pretty bow. Some people have died from family, relatives, and friends. Some are still fighting the battle and trying to recover. Some are confused, desperate, frightened, overwhelmed, burned out, and just wondering what each hour or day will bring. Many wrong things happened that may have been preventable if actions with a decisive and unified plan were implemented. We are just living day by day dealing with it. There is a pronounced large gap for the people who have or do not have the support. Injustice affects black communities and people of color.

Protests are occurring in many places around the USA. It is happening, and it is causing so much outrage. It is difficult to be optimistic as of late for people who desperately need help are not getting the support they need. There is no silver lining for starving, suffering, surviving, and dying around the world. Some places are worst than others. If the individual is not the target of racism and discrimination, it is most likely difficult for that person to empathize or put effort to understand the unfairness of it all.

Decisive action, accountability, and an open-minded approach to life is needed. Love is required everywhere. Patience is necessary, where possible. The reality of the painful truth is in front of us all. For many years everything has been done to research, collect data, and use it to formulate and justify the result or outcomes of racism and discrimination. For the disadvantaged, they are just tired of it all and want peace, fairness, and opportunity to be allowed to exist with no judgment or additional burden to make others aware of the disparity. Many are over it already. It's time to act and do the appropriate actions to be more inclusive and conscientious of cultural diversity.

Call out the bias, whether conscious or unconscious. Help prevent the micro-aggressions. Be aware of the insults and immoral acts right then and there. Please do something about it. We don't need to see any more people just watching others suffer and die. We don't need sentiments. We need people to act and be humanitarian citizens around the world. The injustices have gone on for way too long and normalized past their expiration. Enough is enough.

What will you do today to help reduce and eliminate racism and discrimination? What will you do today to help make this world a better place? What are the actionable tasks that you can commit to doing to voice out and help others feel like they belong here? Everyone deserves happiness and prosperity. You matter—your voice matters.

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