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The Life Bond

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

What does life bond mean? I believe I have a few people who I have crossed paths with and providing meaning to me. They may not be around all the time, but they continue to guide me when I make important decisions. I believe the different authors who wrote books that appealed to my interest are also part of me now. I practice the life lessons passed on through history. I also consider people who allow me to grow and succeed despite the hardships a life bond. They rescue me from the depths of despair that some experience.

There are many moments where I have been put in a very awkward and uncomfortable situation. It required bravery and ownership from my part to sail through the barricades that are put in place. I've also created characters in my head of people who I believe are inspirational to follow. These characters that I made up are in my working novel. I would suggest creating your own if you don't feel you have people who you could look up to. Maybe even realize that the person you seek is you to begin with.

People who are critical thinkers may find they are not always welcome in certain groups. I am curious, always wondering about different ways to solve different world problems. The people a bond with are genuine and not afraid to experiment with the things they recently learned. I also find that age doesn't matter. Some people are wiser beyond their years because of the obstacles they faced and how much they have overcome.

Our ancestors give us that life bond. We are interconnected to the history of our blood, our inheritance, our upbringing and our accomplishments through our worth. We carry some characteristics that we may have developed from being around certain people. You may even sound and look like your ancestor. But who gives you that bond that you seek? I always thought I had a life bond from my grandma on my mother's side. She did give some good memories of belonging while she was still in this world. I even thought my mother's twin sister was my life bond too when I was younger. That changed in time unfortunately. I learned to see maternal love outside of my family through older friends. They taught me many things as a teenager and you see who I am today through their positive guidance.

I gravitate to people who have deeper, more meaningful and impactful beliefs. It is too dull to be idle and settling for less for me. I believe that time is too short and we have a lot of good deeds to still do in a very short time. Then you wonder, what is my life bond? If I really think about it, it is for Mother Earth and the Universe itself. Something drives me to want to make changes to solve problems and speak up for those who are unable to do so. There is this inner drive to keep going, try new things and to embrace change often. I can't stop fighting for what is right. I can't stop looking to find better ways to improve life. This is my oxygen.

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