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Elevate and Inspire

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

How do we elevate and inspire others? In many instances, it is through action and doing impactful activities that promote positivity and collaboration. We all face different challenges varying from small to complex problems that require perseverance, patience, understanding and kindness to ourselves. Finding people to look up to can be challenging, which makes us feel lonely and lose perspective. At times we forget to look at the mirror and accept ourselves as the person who we have become. We feel like impostors in somebody else's body. In reality, we have changed through life experiences and have accomplished so many great things.

Do you hear a constant negative voice or questioning voice inside your head? Is it really true that you heard somebody say you are a certain way or is it just a perception or assumption? I'm happy to say that many of the people who I interact with are learning that they can inspire themselves and others through the great deeds that they do. More of my close friends and peers are examining their body's responses and reactions when they feel stuck, sad, depressed, anxious, bored, disappointed, harassed, etc. Many are looking at their childhood traumas and when they first learned to experience fear whether mentally or physically. They have taken the brave step by elevating and inspiring themselves by overcoming the fears from the past.

I believe I inspire others by continually sharing and being the best example I can be. Not perfect, just good enough to have empathy, to fail and learn from my life lessons, to be candid and honest while supporting others, by being as genuine as I can be digitally and face to face. Many of us present ourselves in a different way at work, with family, with friends or with certain tribes/groups. The sense of belonging for us is a need that we try to satisfy even when we are introverted. I'm a social introvert. I'm content in my head like a bookworm. I can go solo when I need to and be happy imagining, tinkering with things, learning, discovering and exploring. But I enjoy sharing with others too. Lessons from real life experience is priceless. It takes creative problem solving to be able to adapt to different environments and to be able to communicate and translate complex things in more simple terms. Knowing your audience by helping them understand what you are trying to communicate, is a technique that many still need to learn.

I find inspiration from people who like to help others by doing good deeds. Giving others a helping hand, shoulder, and more are acts that give me fulfillment as part of growth mindset. It energizes me to help others by helping them find their positive potential. I depend on many tribes of people who keep me smiling, laughing, and excited to live the next day. It also takes a lot of patience and strong moral compass to find positive people to support you. You have to seek opportunity and motivate yourself to get up when you fall or make mistakes. During these times of difficulties, please do ask for help. You will find that there are many people around you who are more than willing to help you, if you let them.

Even when I was much younger, I learned that I had a perfectionist streak. I was a chameleon always trying to belong and fit in to different groups of people. It could be because I lived in many different countries where I experienced cultural shock often. I also learned to observe first then speak up. Many times, I felt that my ideas were insignificant and needed to learn to be confident if I wanted to be heard. It took many years of self-coaching and searching for people who genuinely cared for me to find bravery in being more public. It's not easy to put yourself out there and be vulnerable knowing that the world will most criticize many things that I say or do. Thankfully, many have been very supportive of me.

Find your tribe of people. Mentoring and support is important. I try to mentor and support many people around me whether at work and outside of work. Listening and patience are important virtues. Empathy is even more important. Can you put yourself in somebody else's shoes and realize the struggles? Do you understand the human impact of all the things that you do at work? We spend many hours at work. Understandably, what we do at work consumes our daily lives and most of our waking hours. Spread positivity as much as you can. We work with people, not just objects.

I keep telling my sons ages 17, 14 and 13 years old twins, to find what they truly like and what excites them. I don't want them to just get a degree. They need to get to know themselves, do trial and error through internships or entry level roles. There is no sense in studying a 4 years degree and not knowing if you are going to like the daily responsibilities of the specific role or profession. I have found that people who love doing what they do, do not think of work as work; instead they it is a hobby. The more you enjoy doing work, the more you spread positivity at work. If you are happy at work, you bring positive energy at home too. It is a world of difference.

When I say elevate and inspire, that means we elevate and inspire people around us. We give credit to people and recognize their efforts, we do not take it from them. It also means being in the front lines with others. Treat others the way you want to be treated: with respect, empathy, kindness, fairness and more. Knowledge is power, but treating others as humans is impactful for life. Positive influence resonates in multiple levels and it is amplified. The energy that we give whether positive or negative affects others indirectly or directly. I look for these signs of reactions everywhere I go. Some consider it sixth sense, gut feeling, etc., but this helps me navigate where I need to be.

I could mention many people who inspire me. At this moment I would rather own my story and be the example. I inspire myself everyday to be the best person I can be. I choose to recognize my own struggles and want others to recognize their own accomplishments as well. If we believe in ourselves wholeheartedly, we become a beacon of light or hope for others. Collectively, we all become examples of inspiration for each other. Be kind to yourself. Recognize all the great things you have done and continue to do. You deserve happiness.

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